vernal deliveryHappy #Honeyversary to YOU

from the LitBuzz Bees!

The first chapter of Vernal is here for you!

It’s been an amazing six months.  In that time, we have developed a strong voice, loyal readers, and supportive authors.  When we started planning #Honeyversary, many fabulous authors reached out to offer their support.

Swag, author interviews and more, we were thrilled.

And then Randi Cooley Wilson took it to the next level.

We love Ms. Wilson here.  We’ve reviewed her books – we even named one of her books a “best of Vernal FOR WEB2015“.  Recently, we also participated in a cover reveal of her newest book, Vernal, the first in her new Royal Protectors Academy spinoff of the Revelation series.

Last week, she announced that this much-anticipated book was being pushed back to June for release, much to the chagrin of her fans.

And then she made it all better.

In honor of our #Honeyversary, and to thank her loyal fans for their patience as she assures this book is everything they expect in both proofing and formatting…

She gave us the first chapter in its entirety to provide you right now!!!!

So without further adieu, enjoy!  Please come back and let Randi know what you think!



After you have read it and you know you need it, make sure you’ve pre-ordered so that you can keep going on release day!

Thank you, Randi, for being so exceptionally gracious and wonderful. We truly love you at the Hive and you’re part of what makes all of this #Honeyversary stuff fun. <3