• A Gown of Thorns By Natalie Meg Evans
A Gown of Thorns Book Cover A Gown of Thorns
Natalie Meg Evan
March 30,2016
266 pages

Within the French Dordogne valley, beyond the rolling vineyards and inside an ancient château, hangs a beautiful silk gown – what heartbreaking secrets does it possess? From the multi-award winning and bestselling author, comes a bittersweet romantic story.

Shauna Vincent arrives in the gorgeous French village of Chemignac, to au pair for the grandchildren of an old friend. As she begins to explore her new home, she discovers a locked tower room hiding a treasure trove of exquisite vintage dresses. One gown feels unsettlingly familiar.

When Shauna falls asleep one afternoon in a valley full of birdsong, she has a strange dream of an aircraft circling threateningly overhead. She awakes to find charismatic local landowner Laurent standing over her.

Shauna is sure the dress and her dream are linked, and as Laurent begins to talk of his grandfather’s midnight missions during the German occupation, she wonders if he can help her untangle this intriguing message from the past.

A Gown of Thorns draws you into a richly evocative world steeped in secrets that will mesmerize fans of Rachel Hauck’s The Wedding Dress, Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale and Adriani Trigiani

A Gown of thorns By Natalie Meg Evans

Have you ever read a book and was like “ugh this has a slow start, it must not be good.”? Then you just never finished reading it?This book may have started out slow, but this book is one to finish.

It is a easy reading love story. It tells two stories, one that is the present day and the other is the past that no one knows about. You will consistently be trying to figure out what will be happening next. Also at the same time, you will be getting great knowledge on wine. SO come on, who doesn’t like to know about wine.

Some of you might be able to relate to Shauna. She applied for her dream job that she is over qualified for, but doesn’t get the job. Someone who does not have the experience gets the positions.  Her mom suggested that she takes the Au Pair Job that her family friend has.( Which all moms suggest they know what we need. But if only all things end up in love like this story.) When she arrives at the Gorgeous vineyard, she get more then just a job. She gets”Le coup de foudre”https://sp.yimg.com/xj/th?id=OIP.M3cbd693589d22426c7fac82d66cb1a71H0&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300 She doesn’t quite understand the feeling that has over come her. This is the last thing she was expecting. But that’s not all, she starts to see things that she can’t explain. Things that are from the past.   Then she learns that she is not the only one who has seen it. Her Love Laurent de Chemignac also has seen things that they can not explain. They go through an experience that unfolds the great mystery of what has happened to Laurent’s grandfather in the war.  Meanwhile throughout the whole journey they are on, they en-couture not only a ” cursed ” dress that draws everyone to try it on. But once you try the dress on, there will be a punishment for the people you love. Can she withstand not putting on the dress? If she  can’t will she make it out without the curse creating punishment for those who care for her?  You will have to read the book to experience the journey that she makes with all the obstacle that come her way.