• Make Me Say It
Make Me Say It Book Cover Make Me Say It
Make Me Serial
Beth Kery
Contemporary, Romance, Erotic
Penguin Group (USA) LLC
April 19, 2016

Even as Jacob offers Harper a life of luxury and indulgence that thrills all her senses, she grows wary of this powerful man and his unquenchable desires. In their most intimate moments, Harper can’t help but submit to his seductive demands. But the man outside the bedroom, whose early business dealings carry an air of questionable origins, who refuses to share even the smallest detail about his past, is an entirely different story...

Jacob worries that, deep inside, Harper must recognize who he really is—the boy he was before he became a powerful, billionaire mogul. As much as he craves acknowledgment of their shared past, he dreads she might call him out as a fraud and leave his life forever...

The Make Me installments, hot like a firecracker…firecracker


Cause it gets sizzlin’ hot in seconds but is over quickly.


Make Me Say It is book three in the Make Me Serial. The eight installments are being released about every 10 days.  From the beginning I have wondered how the soap opera model would play out in written form.  At this point the jury is still out.  If I wasn’t reviewing the series I would be tempted to wait until they were all out and just read them in one sitting.  But, at that point I might balk at the $16 price tag.  It’s easier to justify $1.99 a purchase, which I think is part of the marketing tactic.

(READ the previous reviews for the lead up to this book) As for the book itself, I am intrigued by the continued unfolding of the shared past of Harper and Jacob.  The story of their connection unfolds through Jacobs memories of the traumatic events twenty years ago.  We are finally given a clue as to why Harper has no recollection of the experience that brought their lives together.( Sorry no spoilers here!!)  Interwoven in this tale is the highly erotic developing sexual relationship between Harper and Jacob, WARNING…adults only




Book four in the serial Make Me Desperate will be available 4/26/16.

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