This LitBuzz Hive is Growing!

Welcome, Melinda and Meghan!

When I chose to call this site LitBuzz, I had in mind a few things.  First, I wanted the content to be like honey – delicious, useful and impacted by what went into it.  I also wanted the site to be constantly updating and improving.

I could not have foreseen that so many people would be drawn to our content and unique brand of reviewing that way you have…

I could not be more grateful.

Along with increased visitors, we have had an amazing influx of books.  On average, we have about 30 books in queue at any time to be read after the ones we deny, and this Hive is pretty full, so that amazes me every time I look.

With that, the team has consistently grown, but it’s been so hectic I haven’t had a chance to welcome two BiblioBees I know you’ve probably already seen posting!

Jumping right in and reading whatever has been thrown their way, they are both doing an amazing job!

Please let me take a moment to welcome these two hardworking wonderwomen to the crew!


When asked to write her bio, this is what Melinda had to say:

Librarian by day, mom/wife/reader by night (among several other quirky things). While others are busying themselves with the newest reality show, she is comfortably lounging in her Pjs, sipping coffee (or wine), and immersing herself in all things literary escapist. When not reading, she is busy singing, exploring the outdoors, mom-ing, wife-ing, and being an over all wannabe Superwoman.

Read Melinda’s latest review for Wedding Cake Murder (which I saw in Target today!)


Meghan had the most difficult start, with our web site absolutely rejecting her at first for reasons we have never figured out – but she diligently kept trying!  Thank you! Here’s her bio:

Meghan is a high school U.S. History teacher, military wife, devoted dog mom, and coffee connoisseur. She currently resides in the Pensacola, Fl area, where she lives with her husband and three rescue dogs. When not hanging out with her little family, she enjoys reading good books on the beach, attending book club meetings, and sitting in her hammock (most likely reading a book).

Here’s Meghan’s latest review of The Guardian, a Sword & Stilettos!

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to LitBuzz, whether through book submission, supportive comments or sharing reviews!  We are thrilled to do this for you, and more amazing additions are coming soon!

With Lots of Love and Honey,


The QueenBee