The time has finally come!

free copyI was so excited to read Calling Me Home,  Louise Bay gave me a series that I adored and a feel good ending that ugh it was just fantastic.


For all the drama that Ash put Luke though I cant believe that the time has finally come for them to get the happily ever after. they are so perfect together I love it.  This time around Ash is nervous and desperately wanting them to work and take things slow and not mess things up.  Luke on the other hand is just trying to make up for lost time and can give two hoots what other people think he just wants his time with her.


There was not much I didn’t like about the book, other than the fact that Ash wanted to try to “Date” like they were just getting to know each other.  It was as if she was pushing the relationship much more than a few paces back.  I mean come now you have known each other your whole life. The naked fun times are well underway, Just go for it already! And so help me she tries to run again! Thank the lord Luke pulled her back before I had a heart attack.




I will say the ending was a adorable and heartfelt. And thank heavens Louise Bay decided to write an epilogue because I would have been highly upset otherwise 🙂



Read it Calling Me Home Here