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Pemberley Before Christmas Book Cover Pemberley Before Christmas
Holiday Bliss (Book 1)
Lily Lord
Historical Romance
Cantatrice Media

This is a Pride and Prejudice "Intimate." It includes explicit scenes that would never have been written by Jane Austen, but describes only very tame, Regency-style married relations.

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are settling in for their first Christmas at the magnificent Pemberley House while Lizzy assumes her work as mistress of the grand estate. It is a post which already includes unanticipated challenges. Things at Pemberley have been run a certain way for many generations, and change comes slowly here.

Darcy’s sister Georgiana and Elizabeth’s Aunt and Uncle Gardiner are to be most welcome guests for the holiday, but will all be bliss come Christmastime?

For the former Elizabeth Bennet, life after marriage is an education in the true nature of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Occasionally arrogant, and always desirable, he continues to challenge her during the days and delight her throughout the nights.

"Pemberley before Christmas" is the first in a trilogy.

Coming soon... "Pemberley At Christmas," the second book in the Holiday Bliss series by Lily Lord. Don't miss the first series about Lizzy and Darcy's first week of marriage, Marital Bliss!

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Just when I thought Fitzwilliam Darcy couldn’t get any hotter…

…He does.

Thanks Lily Lord.

Oh Gawd.  The imagery of Colin Firth (ya, he is MY Darcy) strutting angrily up the hill in his shirt and breeches, looking all broodish and badass – ya.  It’s the stuff of dreams… my dreams.  In fact, I know I am not the only one since this scene (which didn’t actually appear in the books).  There is a 12-foot tall replica of Darcy in Hyde Park, “emerging” from the water.  It’s also one of the most widely associated with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and is replicated often – including in a fun scene in Lost in Austen:

So why am I making you drool?  Well, it just so happens that a new series of Pride and Prejudice fanfic has hit the market, and is including a wonderful series of Christmas novellas for the Regency-loving romantic.  Though P&P fan fiction is some of the most popular out there, it’s hard to find truly well-written pieces with any actual plot or character development.  Of what I have seen, either people avoid sexuality like the plague, or they jump in full-tilt and have our Lizzy Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on one another like dogs in heat.

Pemberley Before Christmas by Lily Lord is a self-proclaimed “intimate” so it does have sexual situations, but it retains terminology like “marital congress” and ” woman’s delta” – there might even
be some skirt lifting o.O but it’s not “Fifty Shades of Darcy”, which  I am sad to note is an actual thing. lol

This first novella is set shortly before Christmas and after the newlyweds have married.  The couple is trying to figure out who they are in their new roles as a married couple, and experiencing the growing pains that entails.  There is also added drama surrounding Georgiana Darcy, and a real fan knows that can get interesting.

Overall, this is a fun, quick adventure to Pemberley, during a holiday we love with a couple we adore.  Things get a little steamy, but not too hardcore – no bondage 😉

Want a fun holiday read? Pick it up here.  You can start at the beginning of the Marital Bliss series here.

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