Adapted for Film Book Cover Adapted for Film
Stacey Rourke
Contemporary Romance
Anchor Publishing Group

Aubrey Evans is living every author’s dream; her sizzling romance novel is being turned into a blockbuster film. She would be celebrating this momentous event, if she wasn’t busy fighting over every tiny production detail with the maddeningly cavalier director, Kole Camden.
When news of their heated rivalry hits the gossip columns, drastic measures must be taken to save their sinking project. In an elaborate PR hoax, she is publicly linked to Greyson Meyers, the swoon-worthy star of her movie. A whirl-wind love affair is staged for the couple to mirror the steamy chapters of her own books.
Can the introverted author resist the charms of Hollywood’s sexiest leading man? Or will love find her in the City of Angels?

The perfect book when you need to lose yourself in something fun and easy to read.

I recently won a copy of Adapted for Film by Stacey Rourke during a book release party and I had no preconceived notions.  I was totally unfamiliar with the author, but she came off as fun and friendly during her party time, so I was definitely excited about the chance to read her book.

I am thrilled to say this was the kind of book you pick up and don’t put it down until the satisfying “The End”.  (This book even includes those delightful words 😉 )

The storyline is especially fun since the heroine, Aubrey Evans, is a bestselling romance novelist.  She has left behind a failed marriage and a lot of darkness in NYC to oversee the artistic elements of her movie adaptation, featuring two Hollywood superstars.

The story takes the love triangle turn when the movie’s leading male is attracted to Aubrey, as is the director, Kole Camden, whom she’s begun to consider a friend.

With a bevy of fun sideline characters like her best friend Tandy and the Pitbull-like Cuban musician Mateo, it’s a fun and fast read that keeps you interested and hopeful for that HEA.

You can grab it here.