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This site would be nothing without the amazing team of reviewers.  We playfully refer to ourselves as The Bees, and the Hive just keeps growing.  Here’s our roster, as well as their most recent posts.  This list is in no particular order because we all contribute to the greatness.

Amy (5)

I am a writer (books 1 & 2 of the Eleanor Morgan series are available now on Amazon, book 3 will be out on 10/31/17). I'm always a reader - fantasy is my first love, but I'll read anything! I’m a seasonal gardener, a sporadic cheesemaker, and an occasional baker. I live in Portland with my kidlet, my boyfriend, and three cats.

The Night Child
Ashley (36)

Ashley is a wife and mother who has a wicked case of insomnia. She spends most of the wee hours of the morning reading, playing video games or wandering social media.

Big Dreams, Small Garden By Marianne Willburn
Erin (1)

Erin likes coffee. Once she has had her morning coffee, Erin can like others things; such as dancing with a pre-professional ballet company, attending college, photography, playing piano, and, of course, reading obsessively. She is Tanya Williams' Mini Bee.

Trial by Charm by Jolene Buchheit
guruguru (0)
Jessica (0)

Jessica is a full-time working mom of two beautiful daughters. When she has free time, she is usually reading and getting lost in another world.

Jodi (65)

Jodi is a former elementary school teacher/curriculum writer turned SAHM. She lives in NH and has three girls ages 8, 6 and 3. Every day is a chaotic surprise in her house and reading is her stress reliever/escape hatch. She has enjoyed reading since she was very little, and loves a wide variety of genres, including everything from classics like Anna Karenina and Pride and Prejudice to sexy, smutty romance. She also enjoys coffee, chocolate, and wine, in that order throughout the day, and is very content any time she can go to the bathroom alone.

I Bet You by Ilsa Madden Mills
Kristin (44)

Kristin is a working wife and mother of three. She is known as an ultimate bookworm, reading books everywhere she goes. With a background in graphic design she is also known as the friend who will create your wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, and even those signs you find on Pinterest. Kristin dedicates her spare time to The Café Femenino Foundation. Needless to say, she's a busy bee.

The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson
MeghanMeghan (74)

Meghan is a high school U.S. History teacher, military wife, devoted mom to three dogs and a little girl, and a coffee connoisseur. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading good books, whether on the beach or in a hammock high up in the mountains.

Vassago (Dark Soul #2) by Randi Cooley Wilson
Melinda (18)

Librarian by day, mom/wife/reader by night (among several other quirky things). While others are busying themselves with the newest reality show, she is comfortably lounging in her Pjs, sipping coffee (or wine), and immersing herself in all things literary escapist. When not reading, she is busy singing, exploring the outdoors, mom-ing, wife-ing, and being an over all wannabe Superwoman.

The Silent by Elizabeth Hunter
Olivia (1)

Olivia is a senior in high school and the eldest daughter of our dear Queen Bee. She loves sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure books. Her favorite book (singular) is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and book series would either be The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare or the Time Quintet by Madeleine L’Engle. She reads fanfiction and is excited to write reviews for this wonderful site 🙂

Shadowhunters – Is it The Mortal Instruments?
Queen Bee (Meg) (125)

Meg is the very definition of a bibliophile. If she has free time, she has a book. If she's on a train, she has a book. If she's in a waiting room... well, you get the idea. She decided to channel the reviews she was already doing into this web site. Currently, she resides in PA with her husband, two teen daughters and four insane dogs. (Now you know why she reads!)

Anniversary Mega #Giveaway!
Tanya (132)

Until recently, Tanya was a bathroom bibliophile (the only place she could hide from her four children). Now she is able to openly acknowledge her addiction to books but has to try to fit her reading in around all her kid's activities. She loves being wife to an amazing man, mother to four great kids and farm hand on their Akaushi/Red Angus farm in southwest Missouri.

The Devil and the Dancer: An Elemental Legacy Novella (Elemental Legacy Novellas Book 4) by Elizabeth Hunter

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